Work in Schools

This work has a 4-Fold Approach:

  1. ESYT have Youth Workers paced in several local schools, where they interact with the students and are a positive presence and role model in the playgrounds. The Young Workers engage with students by playing sports, giving them (the students) an opportunity to build connections, develop relationships so they are able to discuss different concerns they may have or link up with other ESYT programmes outside of school hours.
  2. School’s can approach ESYT for other forms of support as issues or needs arise.
  3. ESYT works to support young people and whanau with advocacy and support for school meetings.
  4. ESYT runs a number of study support sessions each week.

South Wellingtion Intermediate School (SWIS):

ESYT has a unique relationship with SWIS as one of our Youth Workers is a previous student of SWIS. He has been really passionate about returning to his old school and has a great opportunity to encourage the students and share with them his story and success. Working in this school is a great connection for building relationships with the young people in the Island Bay community and linking them with the other programmes that ESYT runs outside of school hours.

Holy Cross School:

A school committed to seeing their young people thrive. The ESYT team goes into this school twice a week sharing their talents with sports and dancing. Being able to send in the same youth workers who run KONECT, Breakout Dance and our girl’s group Puawai help develop strong connections and relationships so that the young people can develop themselves further.

Kahurangi School:

Based in Strathmore and it is rich in cultural diversity. This school has a real heart for the community and by partnering with others it has a weekly breakfast club that feeds the young people as well as educates their children. What the ESYT youth workers do in the school varies depending on the needs are. Currently we are teaching dance and exploring further options. Being involved in these kids lives at school and outside of it more important than ever.


Two nights a week we run study support. We have tutors from Inspirational Education come to ESYT to work with the young people on their school work. The tutors work alongside our youth workers to reduce the ratio to 1:1 or 1:2 depending on the number of young people we get in a night.  This has been a huge success as we have seen our young people grow in their understanding of maths and literacy, even when they were not currently in school. This has helped them to gain confidence so that they have either returned to mainstream schooling or started a course in an area of interest.