Study Support

The combination of the ESYT youth workers and tutors creates a really positive, creative and fun learning environment at Study Support. We partner with Inspiration Education and the tutors offer calibre tutoring. Learning is something the young people want to do and the results are great 5/6 students have achieved NCEA this year before even sitting exams. Several are waiting to see if they have passed this year with an Excellences endorsement. There are also some students who have left school who continue to come to keep growing in their literacy and numeracy skills.

Quotes from young people in Study Support

When home was rough , study support was safe and got me in the Zone I reckon it helped me a way to keep going hard . Passed NCEA already! What the …..” - 15 Year old male

“I thought I hated learning. School didn’t work, everyone thought I was dumb. I’m not! Tutors reckon I’m too clever - and I’m doing maths & everything It’s mean as” - 15 year old male

“ Had some stuffed up stuff with my whanau and I almost lost it and threw school away but guess what – I just finished NCEA 2 without even sitting exams and am waiting to see if it’s excellent endorsed. Started each week with Study Support got me focused eh. It helped big time” - 16 year old male