Other Educational support

If there is anything ESYT can do to help young people remain engaged in school we will. Advocacy is part of this and ESYT provide this when required.


TRANSPORT: Due to the challenging new bus system in Strathmore it has created another obstacle some students. Transporting young people to school and courses was done when required. Throughout this year young parents were picked up daily, their young ones were transported to pre-school and then the parents were dropped at course. All have completed their courses.


YOUTH WORKERS IN SCHOOLS: Having a youth worker present in schools is great for the schools, the young people and the youth workers. Due to limited capacity this year we had less team members working in schools, with only 2 schools engaged. It is an area we are committed to rebuilding.


BACK TO SCHOOL: Every year the set up costs of stationary  and uniforms prove to be problematic for a number of families. Each year ESYT becomes a bridge that enables others to be generous and helps to provide items required as the school year begins.