“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” – PABLO PICASSO.

Art is a safe place where young people can express themselves, where their voices can be shared even when they don’t have words. Some young people were asked to share why they like art, here’s what they said…

” Art is where I go when I don’t want to think about the sh*t that’s piled up in my world “
“You can do art and see art anywhere. Art is always there and never bails”
“Art is where I forget about the crap that’s in my life”
“If I have a bad day , and friends get it wrong , I can always lose myself in Art and it feels better”
“Art is my place, no-one can take that. Art is safe and reminds me there is beauty in the world.”

ESYT are committed to helping   young people explore art and for some it has been a platform they stand tall on, for others its a place they share themselves, for some it is how they have re-engaged or stay engaged in school. It is a way of sharing messages in communities that are louder than 1000 words.

Different ways young people are connecting with art are:

Paint-up Projects partnering with Wellington City Council to do large  art murals that reflect the communities and encourage young people to respect the environment around them, and help them understand the negative impact Graffiti can have.

Street Art Murals across the community with the owners permission, with a positive message for all to see.

Studying with Art  We have had several students learning Art  through Te Wananga o Aoteoroa and Learning Connexion. These students were disengaged from school and Art become an outlet for them and through these courses they have re-engaged and discovered healthy learning patterns , they have started believing in themsleves and are now enrolled in  other academic formal learning.

To help the young people explore art, we include art workshops in our weekly After school programme – KONECT