Early this year ESYT identified that there were a number of young intermediate aged girls in Strathmore who were starting to appear on the radar of the community. Some were engaged in ESYT programmes already while others weren’t. To develop these young girls and have something intentionally focused for them, Puawai was created.

Puawai means blossom, and we want these girls to blossom into amazing women. They meet twice a week with two of our female youth workers, and several older women in the community. They are introduced to new skills and encouraged to develop these, most recently this has been knitting. Each week they discuss topics based on positive values and are encourage to put these values into practice in their lives. The girls have been really enjoying this group, it is a safe place where they can leave their ‘loads and worries at the door. As a result the girls are connecting intergenerationally with others from the wider community, they are kinder to each other and to those around them, and they are considering their values and inviting friends to Puawai.