Our Stories

12 Year old girl
“I was really excited to go
I got really tired over the days we danced
we danced and danced and danced some more
We all pushed through and I feel like I learnt heaps
I danced more than I have before and I was tired but I felt real good about it
It was my thing. I like my sisters but this was just me
We always got fed and here all I did was dance
I forgot to worry about anything else and it was easy to look happy coz I was”

16 year old boy
Working with the girls and Making the dance video was soooooooo fun – I want to do more video shoots and keep thinking about what they could look like. Gave me lots of ideas”

A 15 year old young lady pulled one of the ESYT team members aside at camp during April. She was more excited and animated that anyone in our team had ever seen her to have in the past 2 years.
She grabbed the ESYT youth workers arm and thanked her because she had a feeling inside and for the first time ever she knew what happiness felt like. She had never felt it before and she liked it and wanted to know how to keep it.

2 young men who left Strathmore for boarding school this year had very negative experiences.
They were returned traumatised after suffering from physical and emotional abuse. In the Day Programme in “The Garage” they received daily support, were encouraged to connect with peers and were re-established into a culture of learning. Now they have reintegrated into learning (one at college and the other is at Te Wananga).