Holiday Programmes

Each year ESYT runs a holiday program during Summer and then 1 in winter. They always have a theme In Dec 2017 and Jan 2018 the theme was “Outdoor Summer” We created opportunities for the young people to have a range of activities outside, to visit places in Wellington they hadn’t seen before, to get them enjoying the outdoors. This summer was used to help the young people get used to being outside and in nature and our plan in the following summer holidays (Dec 2018/Jan2019) is to build on the theme of Outdoors and give them camping experiences from cabins to tenting.


In the winter holidays the theme was “This is us” As an organisation ESYT was part of a powhiri with Strathmore Community Church and together we were welcomed onto St Georges Church in Seatoun by the Miramar Peninsular Parish – this now our base, where we as an organisation call home. So humbling and such a priviledge to be here. In an effort to help build a bridge of understanding between the Miramar Peninsular Parish and the young people and whanau of Strathmore, these holidays were spent practising and finding ways for the young people to find their voices. We are thankful to VOICE Arts for the coaching given to the young people, and “This is Us” Showcase was an evening where everyone joined together and connected and got to see and hear the young people expressing who they are.

15 year old young man 

“When I’m with these younger ones I realise everything I’ve learnt

  When I’m with them I forget we don’t have a home

  It’s fun and hearing them all laugh

  seeing their smile – makes me smile too

  and this time they listened to me!”

12 Year old girl 

I didn’t want to go at first 

but its better that being at home listening to Dad fight with my brother

I went

wasn’t expecting much but made new friends

wasn’t expecting that

I still see them and ive stayed at S’s house heaps

Her mums and artist and I’d like to be one oneday

yea this was good 

I’m glad  I got in the van”

11 year old boy

I was kinda mad when I started. Mum made me go

I thought it was gonna be lame but na it was mean as

whats lame was that its finished now

The Shout outs were cool

-wish we did them at home