ESYT was founded in 2008.

There is strength in unit 1

The gem of an idea to set-up a Youth Trust to put youth workers on the ground in our communities was birthed in 2008, and we became a registered Charitable Trust on 1st April 2009 (we are also registered with the Companies Office).


CC38961 (Registered Charity No)

2555840 (Companies Office No)


Our main aim is to support and enable youth workers to work with young people and their whanau in the Eastern and Southern Suburbs of Wellington. When needs of whanau are identified we collaborate with others to effectively utilize people and resources – creating solutions that will last long-term. This strengthens the service we are able to provide.


We are committed to enabling the youth workers to partner with others to create wrap around service within our communities. It is fun sometimes, tough other times, yet always an experience that humbles and moves us forward – and an immense privilege we don’t take for granted.


What we do is diverse (see different tabs) We seek to value the young people and their families through all we do. Threaded through the diversity of all ESYT does, is the commitment we have to delivering quality, professional youth work with real integrity. We seek to create places and experiences that offer the young people a place of belonging and that give the young people new skills. As youth workers we are role models and we attempt to leave the young people and their families with a sense of trust, hope, compassion and stability.