We are set up to respond to the different needs that are identified in the areas we are working in.

As a Trust, rather than focusing on just one aspect of a young person’s life, we take on a holistic approach which we believe will help us build an effective wrap around service for the young people and their whanau. We hope that eventually entire communities will benefit from these opportunities.

We are focused on supporting youth workers who are working closely with young people in our communities to help them thrive and fulfill their goals and dreams. We are aware that the needs of our young peoples whanau’s are at times beyond our expertise, so to make sure we are able to fulfill their needs effectively and efficiently we partner with other agencies who have the same ethos as us.

``It takes a village to raise a child``

Life is getting increasingly complicated and we all need a hand navigating our way through and ESYT brings a layer that will assist in this. ESYT journeys with young people and whanau across the Eastern and Southern suburbs of Wellington. We value education and work hard to help young people find successful pathways. We create safe and creative environments where

young people are supported, given new skills and are free to learn and express themselves using a range of things from sports to performing and creative arts. We run events and layers of programmes that young people in the area like to be a part of as it enables them to be creative and passionately strive to fulfilling their dreams and goals in life.